About Me

Hi and welcome to my portfolio.

This is a record of my professional growth as I work through my post graduate studies, focusing on Instructional Design for E-Learning.  This site is intended to help me reflect on my journey as a student, to express my philosophy around what I do and what I believe in, as well as to provide assessment evidence towards the completion of 760 paper: Instructional Design for E-Learning.

Paulianne Theuma

Practising Teacher

Introduzzjoni – Mihi

Gheruq fil fond ta’ Malta

Il- Mediterran il- bahar tieghi.

Wahda minn sitta minn halq il- huta

Nifrex il-frieghi go New Zealand

Hawn inkabbar il- frott prezzjuz.

My roots are in Malta,

The Mediterranean is my sea

One of six from the mouth of the fish,

I spread my branches in NewZealand.

Here I nurture my precious fruit.