Artefact 2

Task 1.1 – Information Search and Web Resources – Instructional Design

  1. What is instructional design?

From what I am reading, I am coming to understand instructional design as a process which focuses on the analysis of the goals and the needs of learning to develop a system for the delivery of instruction that will meet the goals and needs identified.

Instructional Design is about teaching, learning and use of technology, however, the focus is on the teaching and learning more than the technology side.

Good instructional design rests on a tripod comprising tools, people and organisations.


  1. Who does ID?

An instructional designer is “someone who creates and delivers educational training materials….for businesses, higher educational institutions, and other organisations.”  Retrieved from

Readings show that the terms instructional designer, curriculum designer and educational or instructional technologist may be used interchangeably, although curriculum design is more about ‘what’ is to be taught, and instructional design is more about ‘how’.

  1. What models, systems or processes are involved in ID?

Gagne – the Nine Events of Instruction

The ADDIE process – Analyse, Design, Develop, Implement, Evaluate.

The Dick and Carey Systems Approach model.

Merrill’s First Principles of Instruction also lists

Bloom’s Learning Taxonomy (familiar with this through teaching in primary schools).

Kemp’s Instructional Design Model

Kirkpatrick’s 4 Levels of Training Evaluation

Cathy Moore’s Action Mapping

  1. Whose names appear to be associated with the common theories/models of ID?

Most names appear in the instructional design model name, but ones I have explored from the reading by Sim are:

1965 Robert Gagne

1996 Walter Dick & Lou Carey

2002 David Merrill


Additional useful Web Resources

elearn magazine: